Racialised Lives and the Life Beyond

I spoke at the 2019 Equality in Science Symposium at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. This is the text of  my contribution, and you can watch the video (jump to 2:20:50). Read in 15mins.

[dropcap]It[/dropcap] is truly an honour to be here with you today. How amazing to be in this historic city of Liverpool, and here amongst we who work to the use of Science for Good. Thank you to the organisers for having me - how truly humbling to be part of such an inspirational panel.

Before I begin, having been recently to Ghana and now standing here in Liverpool, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to those people who once took that same journey. These were people neither welcomed nor respected, but instead despised and enslaved. Their spirits and memory pass through this place. Of course, Liverpool issued its apology for slavery in 1999, and remains today committed to forever remembering the slave trade and its ills. I would like us to give a moment’s silence for this remembrance. [30s silence]

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